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How to Improve Network Speed Know 5 Easy Steps

>> Saturday, 24 September 2016

In this fasted world's life we need fast internet network Whether you are at home or at work, having a fast and efficient Internet connection is a vital component of your daily life.

How to Improve Network Speed Know 5 Easy Steps

Slow Internet Fix:
Slow speeds and weak connections can be frustrating and even costly. As more Internet-ready devices make their way into our homes and workplaces, keeping your web speed up is more important than ever.

Accelerate Internet:
See Step 1 below to improve network speed and maximize the performance of your web-connected devices.

»1 Compare your speed results against what you’re paying for. Check your service plan to see what speed you are paying for. Many service providers will claim speeds “up to” a certain number. This means that they can’t guarantee that it will always be that high.If you are consistently receiving lower speeds than you are paying for, contact customer service and demand either a lower fee or speeds that match what you pay.If you haven’t upgraded your internet in a long time, you may be able to find faster internet for lower prices. Check all of the providers in your area.Don't fall for the megabit/megabyte trap. ISPs advertise in megabits, not megabytes. There are 8 megabits (Mb) in a megabyte (MB), so if you are paying for 25 megabits per second (Mbps), then that's just over 3 megabytes per second (MBps) of actual transfer speed.

»2 Change your Wi-Fi channel. If many people in your building are using the same channel, then you could notice a major slowdown in your Internet speed. Use a program such as inSSIDer for PC and KisMAC or WiFi Scanner for Mac to scan for channels that aren’t as populated. Switching to one of these channels will reduce interference and possibly increase your speed.If you see a more open channel, then switch channels to increase Internet speed. You'll need to consult your router’s documentation or look up the support site for your individual router to find out how to do access the router and change the wireless channel.

»3 Avoid running multiple devices at once. Turn off smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes or other devices that you aren't currently using. If multiple devices are attempting to retrieve information from the internet, especially streaming video or gaming, you will see a loss of speed.

»4 Check your data cap. Many internet service providers impose a data cap on their customers that may not be immediately visible. Log in to your account page, or contact the customer service department to see if you have gone over your allowance. Oftentimes the penalty for exceeding the allowance is decreased speed for the rest of the billing period.

»5 Clear your browser’s cache. As you surf the web, your browser stores information about the sites you visit to make the loading process quicker when you next visit. Over time, however, this can actually reduce the speed of your browser as more and more information is stored. Occasionally clearing your cache can help boost the performance of a slow browser.


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