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How to Promote Coffee Business

>> Sunday, 12 May 2013

Running a coffee business can be daunting and normally need proper concentration and time. Small time is left with making new marketing ideas even if people all know how essential this is.

Normally competition is relatively high and it is so essential for you to stand out from the rest.

How to promote coffee business is not an easy task, most especially if your business is located in a place wherein competition is high. This article will aid you with some promotions and marketing ideas for your coffee business.

A Diverse Positioning

If the market is cluttered and there are a lot of coffee shops, you have to be extremely attentive. Ensure that your coffee shop has in general a new positioning. The positioning of your business can be diverse from other coffee establishment in relation of the whole thing like coffee itself, ambiance and the decoration. You also need to consider the target customer, pricing and offers, facilities such as internet connection, luxurious couches and comfortable seats. It could be anything. It is only that you need to be diverse from others. Ensure people come to make out regarding your positioning. Advertised effectively your positioning.


How to promote coffee business depends entirely upon the target audience. You need to determine your target customers. Once you determine your potential customer, be familiar where these clients are frequent too. Ensure you are noticeable in the area. Your visibility must be attractive and loud enough. If your targeting college goers as your customers. Generally they are seen around libraries, malls, night clubs and movie theaters. Put your kiosks or posters, and banners around these areas. You may spread some pamphlets, handbills, discount coupons, or even conduct a free sample testing booth around the place. You may need to tie up with nigh club or college and have a small outlet to offer free taste.

An Additional dash of Allure

Make certain you provide something aside from coffee. Ensure your clients go back with a pleasant smile on their face. To lure your clients, on their next visit give them a discount coupon, or chocolate brownie along with a hot latte for free. You may also consider frequent jazz or rock shows, concerts within your shop. Certainly it will increase your profit.

Loyalty Cards and Coffee Feedback Cards

A lot of coffee shops nowadays provide loyalty cards; obtain the 7th coffee at no cost. However why not make it more special. Why not provide 5th coffee at no cost? Probably you will obtain a higher return of the customers. With regard to coffee feedback cards, not all people will give you with the advice regarding the product personally. So, a coffee feedback cards place on your table or on the counters table can be a good tool t know more the needs of your clients. Receive sincere, frank and anonymous feedback from your clients regarding your coffee.


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