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How to Start a Cleaning Services Business

>> Saturday, 12 October 2013

This article briefly discusses the cleaning business. Find out some of the things you need to know in order to start your own cleaning business.

Have you been beating your brains in trying to grow your cleaning business and can’t seem to figure out how in the world your ever going to secure those big paying cleaning contracts?

Or maybe you’re looking at starting a cleaning business but have no idea of how and where to begin. We know the feeling.

Cleaning is such a trivial chore and since we are always pressed for time, we tend to waylay our housekeeping duties until the last minute when we find ourselves living in a pigsty. It simply could not be helped. There is always something else more urgent or more important that we need to be doing.

We may be inclined to pick up that mop or bring out that vacuum cleaner, but since the demands of today’s busy lifestyle has rendered time a rare commodity, we simply cannot afford to spend our valuable time on cleaning and household chores.

This dilemma provided a window of opportunity for the cleaning service industry. People have now come to realize that hiring professionals to do their cleaning for them is more of a necessity now rather than a luxury. This is the reason why the cleaning business has turned into one of the fastest-growing industries in the country today.

If you are thinking of putting up your own cleaning business, there is no better time than now.

The Upside

You made the right decision by choosing to start a cleaning business. This is an ideal start-up business because you won’t be needing a fortune just set it up and run it. The operation cost for a cleaning business is rather low. Another positive aspect is the fact that it offers an adaptable work schedule that is perfect for those who will be diving into this part time.

This business is a highly profitable business and it brings in revenues almost instantly. It is also quite flexible when it comes to market niches and operating preference. If you are the hands-on type and enjoy the actual cleaning part of the job, you can remain small yet still reap in big earnings. On the other hand, if your strength is your administrative skills, you can work on building a team of cleaners to do the dirty work for you while you remain on the management side of things.

The cleaning industry can be categorized into two according to the type of service rendered. First is the consumer cleaning service that consists of residential maids and specialty cleaners (window, carpet etc). Their customers consist mostly of individual consumers. Second is commercial cleaning service that consists of janitorial or building maintenance service and large scale specialty cleaners. Their market consists of businesses such hotels, hospitals, offices and so on.

Are you qualified?

Your level of qualification depends on how big a cleaning service operation you plan to put up. Basically, it doesn’t take much to be deemed qualified to own and operate a cleaning business. The most important trait you must posses is the desire to please your client by ensuring a more than satisfactory cleaning job every time.

Another key requirement is honesty. Don’t feed your clients false expectations. If you know that there is no way the stain on the carpet will ever come off then don’t say you can remove it just so you can seal the deal. Honesty will always be the golden rule in business. It is better if your client knows the situation up front than delude them and they end up dissatisfied after. Once you have displeased your client, it is highly unlikely that he’ll be hiring your service again in the future.

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